New cases per day

Different countries have responded very differently to the covid-19 pandemic, and this is reflected in the number of cases they have experienced.

Four charts are shown here of the data on new reported cases per day from the Johns Hopkins Hospital database [1].

1. The first chart is a simple chart with an ordinary i.e. linear scale of new cases per day. The USA currently has the most cases reported daily, followed by Brazil, Russia and the UK:
2. The second chart shows the same data but with a logarithmic scale of reported new cases per day - this has the effect of stretching out the lower values so that it is easier to see which countries have done the best at controlling their outbreaks. As the data is the same, it is still the same countries that have the highest number of cases, i.e. the USA, Brazil, Russia and the UK, but it is now possible to see that some countries had far fewer cases, and are now well past their peak, especially Iceland, New Zealand and Slovenia:
3. Countries with larger populations will tend to have more cases, and so it is worthwhile looking at the rate of reported new cases per day per 10 million population. On this measure, Iceland had a large outbreak, but has dealt with it well, and other high peaks have been in Ireland, Spain and Singapore:

4. The fourth chart is of reported new cases per day per 10 million population on a logarithmic scale.

The charts were generated by the online chart-drawing facility at Up-to-date charts can be obtained from there.

[1]Johns Hopkins database - details are on the data sources page qqq.8.html

First published 23 Mar 2020
Last updated: 20 May 2020