Information, charts and analyses on the covid-19 pandemic

These web pages summarize the evidence on the covid-19 pandemic, focussing on
  • the UK's disastrous response
  • the current precarious UK situation
  • the action being taken and action needed

The UK's disastrous response to the pandemic

  • the UK response to the covid-19 pandemic has been a disaster, resulting in tens of thousands of avoidable deaths and severe economic damage [1]
  • the way in which people died has often been very distressing
  • many health and care workers have died
  • urgent medical investigations and treatments have been delayed
  • funerals, weddings, sporting events etc have been distrupted
  • the economy has been enormously disrupted
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  • most deaths could have been avoided by
    • better planning
    • earlier and more comprehensive action
    • clearer messaging
  • some of the poor outcome is a result of deceit e.g. over the readiness of the PPE
  • there has been no apology from the Johnson Government, and there have been repeated denials that any errors were made
  • errors have continued after the initial failures
  • the Johnson administration is making little effort to identify and implement international best practice

There have been deficiencies in
  • the political process of decision making
  • the scientific process of establishing the facts
  • the media reporting and scrutinising
  • the citizen's response.

The current precarious UK situation

  • there has been no apology and no recognition of error
  • there has been no change in personnel or decision-making procedures
  • the virus has not gone away - many countries are experiencing a resurgence of the first wave, and in the UK, reported cases, admissions to hospital, and reported deaths are all rising.
  • there is a possibility of a further 150,000 deaths this winter, and the Johnson Government has no plan to prevent it.
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The action being taken and action needed

  • to publicize the errors made
  • to protest at the errors made
  • to work towards better policies e.g. the Independent SAGE group advocates elimination of the virus from the UK (read more).


[1]Greg Jericho The Guardian (12 Sep 2020) Regardless of Covid restrictions, if people are dying in large numbers your economy is stuffed

First published: 21 Mar 2020
Last updated: 30 Sep 2020