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Covid-19 (coronavirus) analyses

The available evidence from China and elsewhere indicates that
  • outbreaks of covid-19 (coronavirus) infection can be contained and eradicated
  • there is a wide variation between governments in how well they control their outbreaks
  • poor decision making has led to avoidable deaths, diruption and economic damage
  • citizens need to scrutinise the performance of their governments and demand changes where necessary.

The chart shows the recorded total deaths in different countries from covid-19 infection against the number of days from the day when the total reached 30 deaths.

Some countries have controlled their outbreaks e.g. China, South Korea and Japan, while others have steadily increasing numbers of cases per day.

Other countries have performed badly, and the evidence is that this is due to poor decision making:
  • poor planning,
  • delays in implementing measures, and
  • inadequate measures.

The data comes from the Johns Hopkins Hospital database [1].

[1]Johns Hopkins Coronavirus Resource Center

First published: 21 Mar 2020
Last updated: 4 Apr 2020